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A strong client retention strategy saves you money as happy, loyal clients recommend you to others, therefore reducing your overall marketing spend.

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*Helping businesses increase their revenue from current clients*

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I help companies strengthen relationships with their clients through client satisfaction programmes and client service strategies.
Happy clients buy more, stay with you longer and recommend you to others so it’s important you are regularly listening to your clients to make sure you’re delivering what they need.
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The services I offer are focused achieving revenue growth, enhancing service levels and building relationships. The offerings bring to bear the expertise I developed when working for leading professional services brands for over ten years and are those I believe will add value to my clients’ business.

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*Client Satisfaction Programmes*

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Service is becoming increasingly important to buyers, it is often a more important factor than price. I offer businesses a range of initiatives including client listening programmes to enable them to look at their approach to client service, question whether their proposition is meeting the expectations of their clients and re-align their activities so they truly are client-centric.

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*Outsourced Director of Marketing*

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If you have reached a stage in your business where you need to bring in senior marketing expertise but do not wish to appoint an in-house Marketing Director, I can provide outsourced senior-level support and will work alongside you to develop and execute a marketing strategy to support your ambitions.

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Request a Call Back

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*About Me*

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I have worked at a senior level in both the public and private sectors and have worked internationally. I am an accomplished relationship marketer, a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketer.

I began my career in the civil service. I worked at the Government Office for the South West administering and promoting European Social Funded projects and then went on to work in Westminster as a Private Secretary for a government minister.

I have worked for Deloitte and BDO – both leading brands in the Professional Services sector. During my six-plus years at Deloitte I was responsible for a number of initiatives which positioned the firm as leading advisers to the public sector in the UK. During my four-year tenure at BDO my remit was to lead firm-wide campaigns and sponsorships and I was also responsible for the firm’s ‘Exceptional Client Service’ agenda. I undertook a three-month secondment to India where I recruited a local marketing team and designed and delivered client service training sessions to the BDO India team.

I am the Regional Director for the Exeter branch of the PM Forum which is a membership body for Marketing and Business Development professionals working in Professional Services firms.

I decided to go freelance in order to share my relationship marketing expertise with a variety of businesses in a manner which allows me the degree of flexibility I need with a young family.

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*My Approach*

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I am able to offer a flexible approach to meet the needs of my clients and although I am based in West Devon I welcome the opportunity to work with businesses across the South West and beyond. I can act as your outsourced marketing resource or can provide additional capacity for your in-house team on specific projects. In addition to working directly with my own clients, I work on an associate basis with The BD Consultancy who are experts in business development programmes for Professional Services firms.

I have an excellent network of fellow professionals so I can engage the necessary experts to support projects if some elements fall outside my area of expertise.

Due to the nature of my business and my limited overheads, as well as my non-VAT status I am able to offer competitive rates compared to larger agencies. My fees will be agreed at the start of each project and any work outside the original scope of the project will be discussed and agreed as soon as possible.

I am passionate about offering an excellent service to my clients and will be practicing what I preach by asking for feedback so that I can continue to improve!

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” thb_animated_color=”#076d72″][thb_testimonial_parent thb_style=”style9″][thb_testimonial quote=”“Anna is adept at looking at challenges from the clients perspective. This has always ensured that the outputs are fit for purpose and effective in the market. She led the team responsible for BDO’s ‘Exceptional Client Service’ agenda and managed a number of internal and external campaigns to highlight the firm’s service leadership and ensure standards were upheld.
While a member of my team Anna embraced the huge challenge of a three month secondment to our firm in India. She had an immediate impact and having visited the firm recently she left a significant legacy of a well-structured team and a strong market proposition. She also developed and delivered training for over 200 staff on the firm’s client service agenda, sessions which were thoroughly enjoyed by partners and staff alike.
When you need someone you can depend on, when you just need it done and when you need it done expertly, Anna was always my first choice. Dedicated, expert and passionate.“” author_name=”Allan Evans” author_title=”Global Head of Business Development and Marketing, BDO” author_image=”257″][thb_testimonial quote=”“Anna led a number of initiatives which enabled partners to strengthen relationships with their clients and targets including thought leadership campaigns, events and relationship development programmes. Many of these activities ran concurrently and all required significant senior stakeholder engagement both internally and externally. They were well received by clients and partners alike and resulted in positioning Deloitte as the adviser of choice for organisations across the public sector.“” author_name=”Mike Turley” author_title=”Global Public Sector Leader, Deloitte” author_image=”206″][thb_testimonial quote=”“Anna led the organisation of a series of ‘Discuss and Dine’ events across the UK. These were dinners with a guest speaker which allowed our team to deepen relationships with current clients and network with prospects. The events received positive feedback from guests and internal attendees and contributed to raising awareness of our brand within the NHS market.“” author_name=”James Nicholls” author_title=”Head of Public Sector Consultancy, BDO” author_image=”207″][thb_testimonial quote=”“Anna recently conducted a valuable piece of perception research as part of an audit for a new client. She interviewed a number of customers and prospects and uncovered valuable, and actionable insight into my client’s strengths and areas for development. Anna is professional and I would definitely recommend her to others.“” author_name=”Paul Stevenson” author_title=”Strategic Marketing Consultant, NED, and Founder of WTWS Marketing Consultancy” author_image=”462″][thb_testimonial quote=”“Anna is a valued member of my network and of The Samphire Club. She’s an expert in her field and has the personal qualities I look for: integrity, professionalism and further more she’s fun to work with. She has collaborated with other club members and embodies the ethos of the club. A great ambassador and a friend. She recently helped me with a membership survey and her expertise was invaluable.“” author_name=”John Harvey” author_title=”Superconnecter * Founder of The Samphire Club * Connecting people and businesses * Speaker & Trainer” author_image=”463″][/thb_testimonial_parent][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row thb_full_width=”true” css=”.vc_custom_1605561321780{padding-top: 15vh !important;background-color: #74c2b3 !important;}”][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][thb_slidetype slide_text=”

*Get In Touch*

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I would love to hear from you, please use the contact box below

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